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Thursday, March 16, 2006

On concerns

Novel's nearly finished, and I'm a little worried. Specifically, what I'm going to do with a big novel-shaped gap in my life. I mean, I've still got a lot of editing and rewriting and transcribing and typing to do, but still, the gun part's nearly over and I'm not looking forward to trying to go without. I might try shifting to a different medium soon. Maybe try some painting. 
Also, I'm going to set this article off Diyplanner as my homepage, as it looks like a handy article for getting over this kind of thing.


Phlink looks hot. Ah the possibilities. But then I see the expense, and remember I don't really get enough phone traffic to justify it. But still, it could be useful in the future, and so it's getting a del.icio.us'someday' tag.


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