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Monday, November 07, 2005

Novel: progressing. Much better now that I'm used to writing longhand, and have got a moleskine (pronounced 'mol-a-skeen-a'. And no, it's not really made out of the skins of moles as I initially thought on seeing the name). I get a bit nervous about the safety of my notebook though - I mean, there's no way to do an offsite backup until you transcribe them, and I'm not planning on transcribing until I'm finished.

Really getting into Firefly of late. Well written, compelling sci-fi with heavy Western overtones (good example: leading man thrown out of holographic window during a bar-room brawl). Rented the first disc off ScreenSelect (a fine British netflix-esque service), am going to buy the boxed set of the rest.

Slowly easing myself into the world of GTD (Getting Things Done), and finding it very handy for keeping my University life organised. Very cool.


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