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Thursday, February 10, 2005


Well, I'm still here, still sorting things out... slowly. Got a little title image thingy up now, as you can see, complete with an apology. I also shrank the menu, because there was a load of whitespace.

I need more battery life in my iPod. I have an hour walk to and from uni, and I try to use my iTalk to record my lectures, but it eats the iPod's battery in no time, even if it's on a full charge. I've thought about getting a Solio, but then I remember I live in Britain.

This is cool, I hope this technology is embraced across the printer industry, so when I finally finish the first draft of my book, I'll be able to eat it when I realise how godawful it is.

This week, I was told my hair is funky. Oh dear.


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