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Sunday, April 03, 2005

I'm troubled by my duvet cover. No, seriously.

It's got two sides, a darker side and a lighter side. For some deep, psychological reason, I keep the darker side facing up, but every morning it's shifted around so that half the dark side and half the light side are facing up, and then the next morning it will have shifted to a three quarters light movement. Now, I know it sounds like the rotation of my duvet cover is merely a coincidence, but this happens repeatedly and systematically, and I don't remember it happening before now. It's possible that it's shifts in the night or something, but sure;y I'd have to be carrying out complete rotations for that to be the case and, as far as I'm aware, I'm not. In fact, last time I checked you don't normally carry out full rotations while asleep, so that you don't roll to far whilst sleeping, presumably and evolutionary defence in case one is sleeping close to a cliff.

I know it seems a bit odd, or at least boring, but I worry about this kind of thing. Like the way that, in the morning, one ear will have more ear wax than the other. Why the hell is that? Gravity pulling the wax around? And why the hell is it that, when I have a cold and a stuffy nose, the stuffiness disappears when I stand up?


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