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Thursday, May 12, 2005


They creep from the shadows, that hazy imperceptible realm of 'next week', only to pounce upon you with terrifying deadlines when least expected. One cannot shake the sheer earth-quaking terror that is instilled when you're jsut curling up in bed with a gentle haze of alcohol after an enjoyable evening with friends only to suddenly sit up in a cold sweat, the icey claws of terror gripping the heart. It's tomorrow a voice whispers tomorrow.

Well, not in this case, actually. It's the 20th of May. And I jsut found out two of them aren't due to the 29th. The two which I've done, naturally. Anyways, I'm still going to have to live in the library for a bit to get this Flash project done on time...

Finished a novel on Tuesday though, which was nice. Writing, not reading.


Anonymous Chaos said...

DarkHawke.com? :o That's new and something I only just noticed. Swish.

Ah yes, the age old for of man, the deadline... they say tomorrow never comes... well, they lied, tomorrow's coming, so you better have that assignment done :P

Also, is good to see you have to commitment to write a whole novel... it's commitment to writing like that that I tend to lack.

Anyways, just though I'd leave a note to show that someone is stalki... er... has noticed your swish domain purchase.

6:21 pm  

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