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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Moleskine hipster

Moleskine hipster
Moleskine hipster,
originally uploaded by DarkHawke.
Woo, check it out, a Moleskine GTD mod.

Short story's going well! Of course, by tomorrow I'll probably think it's eye-bleedingly bad simplistic tosh, but such are the emotional mood swings of the creative classes! *feels an undue urge to sit in a corner and write angsty metaphysical poetry*

So Apple came out with an iPod boombox. Huh. Shame it's ugly, I'd much rather have a because I'd worry about knocking the 'pod out of the universal dock on the top of Apple's offering.

Have redecorated and decluttered bedroom. Now have disturbing quantity of space. Feeling compulsion to buy a load of pap so I feel more comfortable, and can surround myself with a comforting fortress of technology and geekery. Exhilarating quantities of bookshelf space too.


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