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Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year

New Year
New Year,
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A gloriously sunny and uncharacteristically warm day here, almost like a memory of summer. One hopes it is a good omen for the new year, for me and for all who see this.

Quite frustrated that I missed new years celebrations - I was working new years morning, and a little while after getting home developed a catastrophic headache and felt more than a little sick, so I wasn't able to pay my visitations.

2005 was a comfortable year for me. Probably too comfortable in all honesty, and I hope for some more excitement in the coming year. Carpe Diem, after all.

Nearly filled a pocket moleskine with novel. Once it's finished I can move onto my recently acquired A5 moleskine, which I can't wait to start in.

A good 2006 to you all.


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