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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I'm suffering my three-mothly GTD itch. Paper and Moleskines are nice and all, but there was a recent Tao of Mac post about an oh-so-pretty Ruby GTD thing that's all Ajax-y and pretty and whatnot

Oh well. I will have to remain faithful as much as I can then.


5/6th of the second draft of a novel! Woo!
It's going to be awesome. Then again, if you ask me tomorrow, I'll probably tell you the precise opposite.


I purchased a copy of the fine game Hello Kitty Roller Rescue recently. Truly, a seminal gaming experience. Honest.
Well, okay, the platforming is a bit... flaccid. Average 3D platformer status. But there are unlockables and sanrio characters coming out of Kitty's pretty little earholes, so this is tolerable.


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