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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Today's Video Link

As an example of shameless feature-theft from News From Me, I'm going to start doing regular video postings. So as an inaugural video I present Utawara Sentai performing Mr Traveling Man.

It's an ill-disguised fact in my social sphere that I'm a fan of Super Sentai, the Japanese kids show from which Power Rangers is produced. Personally I prefer Sentai for it's lighter, less serious atmosphere, but I feel PR is a good example of the whole 'mashup media' idea - the notion that you can take footage from an existing show and, with a little new footage, produce something totally different (although PR isn't much of an example - Big Bad BettleBorgs or VR Troopers are wildly different form their original incarnations). It really is all in the edit

Anyway, I digress: this is a rather bizarre Sentai spoof that raised a chuckle in me, and I hope it will in you too. It should if you've ever seen Sentai or PR.


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