Homo Fabula

Synaptic Misfirings of an unpublished author

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


There's something about Tuesdays that don't sit well with me.
On the one hand, it's perfectly logical. Wheras on Mondays one has a long stretch of work ahead, a person can still look back and feel connected to the weekend. Wheras on Tuesdays one has nothing but work behind, and a yawning gulf of three days to the next weekend.
The problem with this theory is that, what with this being the summer, I only actually work  (work work - that is, work that I have no great interest in doing, as opposed to writing or learning CSS, which in my nerdily brain is actually fun) for two days in a row, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and then only for five hours a day. This is enough to keep me financially comfortable, at least for a little while for the duration of my stay at home.
So what is it? Is it some bizarre, psychic maelstrom that affects Tuesday? Does Tyr just not like me?