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Monday, March 27, 2006

On Cogitation

A handy little problem solving exersise I've discovered lately. In my Hipster PDA I now have a card behind all my next actions lists called 'To Cogitate' - problems that I'm having trouble with or things I've dried up on brainstorming.

This list gets reviewed with all my next actions/project lists in my daily review, and the issues go to the back of my head. I've found my mind can do a lot of processing on the background on issues on the list, and ideas just... well, spring to mind. I've done this with writing issues (what pieces of information do I need to subtley dump on the reader in my novel, and how can I do it without them noticing?) and with brainstorming university work (coming up with different kinds of interactives or museum kiosks for a couple of assignments).

Rather handy.