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Sunday, April 16, 2006

On Perception

Disclaimer: This post was written in a drunken haze on an Alphasmart 2000 at approximately 0:30 on Easter Sunday morning. Read at your own Peril. The author makes no apologies for the turgid, ill-expressed philosophies contained herein.

On my slow bimble home from the pub tonight, I came to a little realization: the kind of day I have is dependent not upon the actual events of the day, but upon my perception of them and my attitude towards them. I have had pretty boring days of univeristy followed by enormous workloads at work and felt happy by the end of them for no immediately apparent reason, and vice versa - days which, on reflection, were absolutely wonderful, but which at the time I was too wrappeed up in some problem or another to appreciate them.
I suppose this brings home just how much of existence is in the mind's control: a very good friend once told me that thoughts control behaviour, and I would go further than that, though maybe not as far as the more metaphysical suggestion that thoughts control reality - thoughts certainly control ones perception of reality. 
Maybe I'm just rambling, but this certainly makes me consider just how much control over my situation that I have, and how much I - or anyone - could have if I set my mind to it.